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5 gift ideas for him


5 gift ideas for him

We thought of some original, personal gifts, without… proof of change and we firmly believe that birthdays, anniversaries and even Christmas Eve will be the most beautiful for you two! Read about our 5 gift ideas for him right below!

1.  Cards from your hands (Romantic)

If he holds your hand, it is very easy to make cards and give them as a gift. If you do not have the courage – which we assume you have, since it is your boy – you can make him more personal cards and choose for example five out of ten. Breakfast in bed, a kiss on his favorite spot and whatever else you can think of are some of your choices.

2. Dinner for two

I think there is no better gift than food with your loved one, candles, conversation and then sex. If you have your own space and can cook – okay, order from the Chinese ¨ the trattoria in the corner-, then sit down at the table. If you’re not into it, take it afterwards and go out for a drink, wandering around the Christmas shop windows.

3. A life experience

It could be an evening with his favorite foreign band. An excursion for bungee jumping, snowboarding or a paintball tour. With the adrenaline soaring he will feel the day he does, he will thank you for a lifetime.

4. An album full of YOU or YOU!

You can do a thousand and two things! Print your photos. In all phases. At School, trying on sexy clothes, sending hugs to your mirror … You can stick your favorite photos on the pages of the handmade album, write what you feel and you have not told him – be careful not to scare the man! -, to stick small things that remind you of your own moments. For example, a dried flower from the bouquet he bought you – even from the traffic lights (I am sure you have kept it, a ticket from your first cinema, etc …, to spray a page with your perfume and to is your album, very romantic and true!

5. A dog / kitten / iguana / fish from an animal welfare organization

You do good, you give love to a soul and it will be a big test for your relationship. Basic condition to know that he can and wants to host it at home and that he will not leave it in ten days.

Now if he is neither a sexmaniac (first class), nor a gourmand (second class), nor adventurous (third class), nor sensitive (fourth class), nor animal-friendly (fifth class), then girl what can I tell you… Take him the new PS5 just to be sure! (And expensive and Boring!)

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