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Everything about the new Karezza sex trend


Everything about the new Karezza sex trend

If you are bored with sex, then karezza is here for you, to get you out of the routine and give you magical moments in bed. Escorts athens will tell us what the new karezza sex trend is and we will try it.

Karezza, which comes from the Italian word carezza means gentle caress. Karezza is what we call the journey to the destination. That is, it is the whole process until reaching orgasm, which not only is not the goal, but is not the pursuit.

All the couple has to do is indulge in an endless play of foreplay in a relaxed and romantic atmosphere, leaving orgasm aside. The aim is to enjoy the sexual experience to the maximum, with the sexual energy being constantly in the atmosphere and “electrifying” the couple, creating greater attraction.

Karezza sex trend does not have the same philosophy as tantra, since neither of them reaches completion. Of course, the common denominator of both techniques is enjoyment.

Let us speak scientifically, though: Prolonged pleasure is associated with dopamine, which decreases once you finish. The goal, then, is to keep dopamine high and for as long as possible.


How do you do karezza sex trend?

When you both decide to put karezza into your life, you need to be ready for a marathon, not a sprint. Karezza can be done in four stages, which many do not find easy.

1. karezza sex tip

The man should abstain from sex (or masturbation) for two weeks (the whole process wants the man to complete only twice a month). In this way he regains his vital energy.

2. karezza sex tip

During the second stage, the woman is asked to massage her partner 3 to 4 times a week. The massage, which lasts from 20 to 45 minutes, aims to teach the man to control himself. If he feels aroused, cold water always helps.

For his part, he does whatever he is asked to do, regardless of sex, such as rubbing her back or taking her for food.

3. karezza sex tip

Time for karezza. That is, time for physical contact with caresses, hugs and kisses. At this point the couple can have sex without full arousal being necessary. And if you are wondering how this can be done, the answer is through constant alternation of attitudes. Missionary posture should be avoided as it enhances the mating reflex.

If the man feels that he wants to complete, he must move away and limit himself to the pleasure of looking each other in the eyes. Let’s not forget that orgasm is not the goal of karezza.

Partial penetration without orgasm can be done 4-5 times a week.

4. karezza sex tip

Going forward you will feel that the process becomes easier. Here, the couple can penetrate completely, however, they need to be careful with the movements that are made during the “normal” sex.

The union of woman and man is absolute and essential, with the energy diffused within the couple and leading to an unprecedented pleasure.

Karezza is good for all couples, but mainly helps those who are in a long-term relationship and have become routine.


Why should you try karezza sex trend?

Nowadays, when more and more couples are having fast, without preliminaries and without feeling sex, karezza is on the opposite side and suggests the emotional alternative. The two lovers take their time, explore each other’s bodies and leave orgasm in the background: if he is finally welcomed, these two are there for the general experience, caresses, kisses, words and looks to exchange during sex.

Of course, if the idea of ​​the Karezza technique seems good to you, it is good to discuss it with your partner: you must both agree that you want something like this when you fall into bed. For better or worse for some, orgasm no matter how we do it is necessary and not just welcome if it occurs.

So today the menu has karezza, say escorts call girls!


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