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Seo analysis: seo analysis and monitoring service


Seo analysis: seo analysis and monitoring service

SEO and data analysis service

Monitoring the seo activity carried out is certainly an important element of the general optimization of your site. There are many statistics that must be checked daily and constantly, to verify that the site is positioned and remains positioned among the search engines.

In an seo analysis it is also important to analyze the traffic data that you receive thanks to your seo activity (coming both from organic search results, or those not paid that appear in search engines, and from activity with social media and other types of channels used, both by advertising and online advertising).

SEO activity monitoring

Analyzing the quality and quantity of such traffic, the behavior of visitors (returning or new, the bounce rate, landing pages, location and language, browser and device), as well as many other factors, is fundamental to be able to implement, measure and improve where necessary, the applied seo & Web Marketing techniques.

So let’s see in detail the monitoring models, their functionality and their costs (obviously included in the total price if monitoring activities are required together with other Search Engine Optimization techniques).

1. SEO analysis with Google Analytics Search Console: The general trend of the site is monitored (total visits, type of visitors, etc.) in relation to time and changes made to the site. The major keywords for which the site is positioned, the impressions and clicks / conversions obtained from each of the keywords are monitored based on the changes made. If the service is requested as a corollary of other services, relating for example to the optimization by keywords, these words will be better analyzed and studied, in order to implement and improve, through an on page optimization, the performance of these words in the searches on search engines.

2. SEO analysis and keyword monitoring: For all queries (searches made by the user) for which you want to be positioned, a daily check of the positioning of your site will be carried out for each of the search terms concerned. For each term we will analyze the possible factors that led to any deterioration (or improvements) in the positioning, and a brief detail will be given with possible suggestions to improve the ranking of your site for each of the specified terms.

3. SEO analysis and site links monitoring: The links pointing to the site will be analyzed (using tools such as Majestic seo, Moz’s OpenSite Explorer, and Google’s Webmaster Tools) to search for any “spam links” or “bad links” that may influence the positioning of the site, and strategies will be recommended to eliminate these links, protecting the good ones from possible corrective actions by Google.

4. Monitoring of the activity (where present) on Social Networks, with quality and quantity control of visits to each page / social account concerned, to analyze the patterns of interaction by the public, the extent and achievement of target for the various posts, and understand how to optimize your social activity and obtain from it the best return in terms of ROI.

5. Any seo analysis and monitoring (only if accompanied by Web Marketing services) of web marketing activities such as CPC and CPM online advertising campaigns (Adwords, Facebook, Linkedin) and email marketing. The statistics relating to the performance of the advertisements will be analyzed (to correct where necessary) and those of the newsletters and email campaigns, for which the statistics relating to openings, interactions and conversions will be studied, to correct the tactics (email subject, email content , etc.) and be able to obtain better results.

Monitoring the efforts spent on the design and improvement of your website is essential to understand who we are and where we want to go. Knowing the behavior of its customers and visitors, both on the site and on the levers used to communicate, allows you to predict the user’s attitudes, thus preventing possible unwanted actions.

Furthermore, following daily the variations in the ranking of your website for specific keywords, allows you to take corrective and improvement actions, where necessary, to make sure that the site is not penalized or does not rank low in the SERPs. Making sure to maintain a high ranking is an index of quality and a source of visits, therefore conversions and earnings.

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